Avataa Virgin Green

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The perfectly plucked and processed leaves is Olive green and brews into a light smooth mellow green cup. The flavor has the richness of floral with sharp typical nose of non-fermented green teas but without any hint of bitterness. You can feel the delightful flavor in your mouth with each sip. It is also very refreshing and gives a clean aftertaste.
  • Packaging : Vaccum Sealed Nylon Pack
  • Flavoured : No
  • Organic : No
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Dry LeavesInfusionLiqour
Short, Flat, Curly Blackish-Green Leaves With Olive Hues.
Lifted Note Of Cooked Spinach With Hints Of Peat And Toasted Grains.
Fully Opened, Olive Green Leaves.
Thick Note Of Grilled Greens With Hints Of Coriander And Citrus.
Pale Greenish
Soft Vegetal Attack Followed By Mellow Notes Of Legume And Puffed Rice.
The Flavors In This Tea Are Well-Balanced, Rounded And Flow Effortlessly Throughout The Palate. Vegetal Notes Start The Cup Turning Slightly Brisk Towards The Middle.
More Information
SEASON Winter Flush
Garden Avataa Tea Estate, Coonoor
Year 2019
Single Estate Yes
Specialty if any Finest Green Tea
Caffine Level Low
Sweetness Honey Sweet
Flavoured No
Recommended Steeps Multiple
Best Time Of The Day Anytime
Complements Relish Pure
Shelf Life 6 months
Organic No
Limited Edition No
Astrigency Zero
After Taste Honey Sweet
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Steeping Instructions

Brew at 90 Degree Centigrade for 2 -3 mins