Black Teapot is one of the low-maintenance material which require less efforts to clean and manage cups, mugs, plates, Teapots, bowls. Tea, coffee or food remains hot for a longer time if compared to other color. This is a breakable Item. Kindly handle it with care. Add some fun and colours to your tea or coffee time with the help of these bright and beautiful teapots and kettles. The strong and sturdy handles providing a firm grip will add to the convenience of serving.


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Product Description

Different types of clays are fired at low or high temperatures to make certain types of teapots. Teapots made from more porous clay are low-fired and are made thicker to hold heat longer which is good for Black Teas (called Red Teas in China) and oolong Teas. High-fired teapots for teas such as Green, White and Oolongs use a finer, thinner clay and will cool faster, preventing these more delicate teas from “cooking” in the teapot. High-fired Zisha clays tend to have more of a reddish colour while low-fired Zisha clays tend to have more of a brown colour. High-fired teapots are less porous and retain aroma compared to low-fired teapots which are more porous and used for less aromatic teas.."

Material Clay
Volume 500 ML
Color Black


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