Chai Chun Tea Blogs - Why drinking Breakfast Tea is scientifically good for you

Why drinking Breakfast Tea is scientifically good for you
By Team Chaichun 11/1/2017 9:35 PM

There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up to a cup of strong, steaming tea to kick start the day. Aside from refreshing you, it will also work wonders for your body as it is stacked with health benefits. If it is Breakfast Tea that you’re having, just know that you’ve chosen the best that the world of tea has to offer.

What is English Breakfast Tea?

Breakfast Tea, or English Breakfast Tea as it is popularly known, is a blend of several black teas derived from diverse locales such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Malawi, and Kenya. Each black tea variety has an individual flavor profile, even though they are all processed from the leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant. Since the end product is a mix and match of a variety of black teas, Breakfast Tea stands out with a classic sweet-smoky flavor. However, it is all about the intensity, flavor, and the added ingredients that make a specific tea.

Breakfast Tea is usually described as full-bodied and robust with a rich taste. Because it is strong, Breakfast Tea is commonly served with milk and sugar. It may, however, be consumed without any additives. In India, where dairy products are included in everyday diet, Breakfast Tea is generally consumed with milk.

Invented in Edinburgh, Breakfast Tea was popularized by Queen Victoria in Britain. The trend soon caught on and the English developed a unique passion for tea, especially English Breakfast Tea. However, the nomenclature is somewhat misleading as Breakfast Tea is drunk throughout the day.

Over time, there has also come into existence the Indian Breakfast Tea. It is a blend of black teas from the gardens of Darjeeling and Assam. Black tea grown in the gardens of Assam gives the Breakfast Tea a strong malty flavor with full body, whereas the leaves from Darjeeling add the mild floral notes. The full taste and richness of Breakfast Tea go well with the added sweetness and cream when making a cup.

There are also quite a few flavored English Breakfast Tea available in the market, such as the Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong. While the former is a blend of black tea and natural bergamot oil from Italy, which gives it its unique flavor, the latter is smoked over pine needles giving it an earthy touch.

Health benefits of Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea has a lot to offer to its drinkers. Those who enjoy a cup of Breakfast Tea on a daily basis, glean health benefits from its flavonoid content and from other nutrients that it contains. English Breakfast Tea also offers coronary and dental benefits to its consumers in addition to all the health benefits that are associated with tea in general and black tea in particular. As such, there is nothing called ‘best English Breakfast Tea.’ It is a subjective notion since the concept of ‘best’ varies from person to person. However, there are some brands that people usually stick to and swear by. Among these are Twinings, Dilmah, Harney and Sons, etc. that sell premium quality best English Breakfast Tea.

Including Breakfast Tea in your everyday morning menu will help you wake up fully and revive yourself after a night’s sound sleep. It also goes beautifully with your preferred morning treat for it is the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast. The Breakfast Tea blend is not only perfect for starting your day, it is also great to get you through your hectic schedule.

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