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 Green Tea benefits a person as it can help a person lose weight. The Green Tea brew improves metabolism as studies have revealed Green Tea further enhances the oxidation of fat levels and the rate of turning food into calories in a person's body. Various studies have also revealed Drinking Green Tea is Beneficial for one's health as it helps in reducing fat in the body, mainly in the abdominal region.

 There are several benefits of Green Tea apart from being a soothing and healthy brew. Not only does Green Tea helps in reducing fat, it also helps to decrease the increase of blood sugar levels following a meal. Drinking Green Tea helps in sudden increase in insulin and decreases fats. Green Tea is also helpful in preventing heart attacks as it is likely to protect against clot formation.

 Apart from reducing fat in the body and chances of heart attacks, it helps in maintaining healthy teeth. Who doesn't want to have a cheerful smile? Green Tea benefits a person as the brew can help in killing dental bacteria, hence improving dental health and reducing the risk of having a dental infection.

 According to studies, drinking Green Tea can help in further enhancing the brain function due to the presence of caffeine in the Green Tea brew. Caffeine, an ingredient in Green Tea is a stimulant that helps a person from feeling drowsy and lazy. The ingredient is in enough quantity to keep a person stimulated and stay focused.

 Researchers have studied the effects of caffeine with the results showing that it continuously helps in improving several brain functions. It also helps in improving a person's mood, attentiveness, the time taken to react and memory as well.

 Besides caffeine, Green Tea also comprises of amino acid L-theanine that crosses the barrier between brain and blood. L-theanine, laced with anti-anxiety effects, further intensifies the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA activity.

 Green Tea is also used as one of the ingredients in several fat burning supplements as researchers have revealed Green Tea helps in increasing fat burning process and during trials in a controlled environment it helped in further enhancing metabolic rate in humans.

 The antioxidants present in Green Tea is likely to lessen a person's chances of suffering from the risk of Cancer such as; Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer. Various studies have revealed the chance of suffering from the disease was greatly reduced on people who drank Green Tea.

 Drinking Green Tea  also helps in lowering a person's chances of suffering from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease in old age. Besides, Green Tea brew is also likely to lower the risk of suffering from Type II Diabetes in a person as it further enhances insulin sensitivity and brings down the level of blood sugar.

 Apart from several health benefits Green Tea also helps in lowering the risk of suffering from a Cardiovascular disease in a person. This also includes heart stroke and diseases that one of the main causes of death globally.

 A cup of Green Tea drink also helps a person in losing that extra weight to stay fit and in shape. It also helps in lessening the risk of a person becoming obese.

 Well, there you have it. With several benefits of Green Tea, it can also be drunk any time of the day to help a person stay active and fit. It should be drunk plain depending on how strong one likes it, Green Tea can be brewed longer or shorter. Green Tea brew is another healthy beverage to quench your thirst and to live longer. Cheers... 

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