Black Tea Vs Green Tea

Both the teas Green Tea and Black Tea are made from the same plant Camellia Sinenses tea plant. I won’t go too much in details about the benefits of Black Tea and Green Tea as both teas have a separate set of antioxidants that combat cancer. Drinking any large amount of anything will help flush out any toxins from our body but there is a significant difference between drinking Black Tea or Green Tea and water as the tea will help reduce electrolytes lost because you’re flushing your system. Green tea has lesser caffeine level than that of Black tea, however, it all depends on how you brew it, the longer you brew it the stronger liquor color it’ll be and so as the taste will vary. The magic is to try different styles and see which one you’ll love the most.

The difference between Black Tea & Green Tea is in the processing. Green tea is made from tea leaves that are simply steamed and dried soon after harvest and are minimally processed and oxidized hence maintains the green color even in dry leaf hence it has a more subtle flavor and mainly enjoyed for the flowery or vegetal flavor. The black tea steeps darker liquor and tastes more intense often with notes of honey, fruit or caramel and even a muscatel flavor, while the green tea steeps a yellowish/green substance. Black tea goes through a full oxidation process and allows to wither naturally to reduce the amount of water in the leaves. The general process of black tea is to roll, tear and crush the leaves that help in the oxidation process and then the leaves are dried out normally in the sun or in the machines. As the leaves oxidize, they slowly turn from green to black.

The two most popular black teas found in India include Assam tea and Darjeeling tea.  Assam black teas are fully oxidized whereas Darjeeling black teas are partially oxidized giving it a milder flavour. In Chai Chun teas are sourced directly from the world famous tea gardens like Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Kangra, Sikkim and Dooars Due to less oxidation in Green Tea, the retention of polyphenols, tannins, catechins and antioxidants are more in Green tea than that of black tea hence Green tea which when combined with a  balanced diet and exercise may help in reducing the weight too. Daily consumption of Black tea but not more than 3 cups a day will definitely boost up the immune system, a healthy heart, increases metabolism, helps in faster digestion, prevents the formation of cancer cells, it promotes a healthy bone growth and reduces cholesterol. However, to obtain all the health benefits of black tea consumers should avoid the intake of sugar, artificial sweetener etc on the tea and should always check the origin of the tea.

I personally prefer the following black tea of Chai Chun and these are my favorites - Arya Ruby Second Flush 2018, Castleton Muscatel, Barnesbeg Royal Silver, and Royal Classic First Flush 2018, Try here, I just loved the infusion of Chai Chun Green tea like Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, Rose Turmeric, Lemon Ginger Green Tea, Tulsi Detox, Arya Green Tea and Sencha Green, Try here . Consuming Green Tea on a regular basis may lower the stress level and may also promote healthy lungs. There are certain limits too, it is advised by many health professionals that Black tea contains more caffeine than other teas and hence it might be risky for pregnant woman as consuming more than a cup or two may be risky and might lead to miscarriage.  People who suffer from cardiovascular disorders, glaucoma, high blood pressure and anxiety disorders are advised to first consult with their health providers before adding this wonderful beverage to your diet.