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Green Tea: All You Need To Know
By ChaiChun Team 9/19/2017 5:59 PM Comments

Green Tea: All You Need To Know

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage next only to water. The health benefits associated with drinking tea regularly has been recognized for centuries. Considered as the healthiest drink, it is divided into six categories based on how it is processed. These are Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Yellow Tea, Oolong Tea, and Post-fermented. However, the most common among these are the Green, White, and Black tea. 

Green Tea is derived from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. While black and oolong tea are made from fermented leaves, Green Tea is made from the unoxidized leaves of the tea plant after steaming the tender green leaves. Though one’s health is wrapped up in one’s lifestyle and genes, consumption of Green Tea on a daily basis has been known to boost one’s health. It is because Green Tea comes loaded with a myriad of nutrients and traces of minerals.

Since Green Tea is processed from unoxidized leaves, it retains most of its naturally occurring antioxidants and the beneficial polyphenols. The presence of polyphenols attributes to the characteristic astringency in Green Tea.

Drinking Green Tea brings along innumerable blessings. From weight loss to cancer, drinking Green Tea has a positive effect on the drinker as a whole. Even in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, Green Tea was known to control bleeding and heal wounds; aid digestion; improve heart and mental health; and regulate body temperature.

In recent times, it is widely perceived that drinking Green Tea may decrease tumor growths that are cancerous in nature. This perception has come about from the fact that cancer rates tend to be lower in countries where Green Tea consumption is high. It is, however, important to note that more evidence is required before it is considered definitive.

Some studies have revealed that catechins exert numerous protective effects, particularly on the cardiovascular system. Catechins are polyphenolic compounds occurring naturally in Green Tea. A healthy heart reduces mortality rate. Healthy heart is also associated with sharp brain. Green Tea is said to enhance one’s cognitive functions, especially working memory. Researchers believe that use of Green Tea could prove to be promising in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia.   

Several other studies carried out from time to time have revealed that Green Tea might be helpful in preventing dental cavities, treating skin conditions, and improving arthritis by reducing inflammation in addition to reducing stress and chronic fatigue. The bioactive compounds found in Green Tea makes it the ultimate drink and the first choice for those looking to burn off calories.

Green Tea is available in the market in varied forms. These are:

(i)                Loose leaf

(ii)              Compressed tea

(iii)             Tea bags

(iv)             Instant tea powder

(v)              Bottled or canned tea

(vi)             Supplements sold in the form of capsules or liquid extracts.

Nowadays, Green Tea is also manufactured organically. Organic Green Tea comes with the same benefits as Green Tea but with some variation in flavor.

After reading this article you are bound to try out Green Tea to reap its benefits. Buying good quality Green Tea can be tiresome as the market is flooded with shops claiming to sell the best blends and brews. It is imperative that you buy only genuine and premium quality Green Tea to savour its taste and elicit the benefits.

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