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Grown in the famous Queen of Hills Darjeeling Tea has earned the reputation of being one of the best teas in the world. Darjeeling Tea comes in various flavors and is enjoyed by tea lovers the world over. Known for its unique flavor, Darjeeling Tea is also referred to as the “Champagne of Teas or the Queen of Teas” with the best produce commanding a high price in the international market.

Although tea is grown across various places in India, what makes Darjeeling tea so special? Let's have a look.

Darjeeling Tea is known globally for its unique and pleasant smell – more like the pleasant smell of Muscatel grapes for some, hence it is referred to as the “Champagne of Teas.”

Darjeeling Tea has smaller leaves as compared with other tea varieties. It is not a Black Tea as it is not fully oxidized.

Tea lovers are loyal followers of Darjeeling Tea as the taste varies on when it is harvested. Darjeeling Tea is grown and harvested in three different harvests also called Flush. The taste of Darjeeling Tea first flush is different compared to the third flush tea. Depending on the harvest, Darjeeling Tea tastes lighter to full-bodied and strong. With the weather changing between sunny, cloudy and rains, Darjeeling Tea when brewed comes with a unique taste.

The taste of Darjeeling Tea is distinctive as compared to other teas from the world. This is also the reason why Darjeeling Tea commands a high price in the international market. Remarkably, Darjeeling Tea from the well-known Makaibari Tea Estate fetched around Rs.20,000 per kilogram during an auction this year.

The unique flavor of Darjeeling Tea is also due to the manufacturing process called “Orthodox Manufacture.” The distinctive taste of Darjeeling Tea is due to this manufacturing process that is still used since the 1800's when tea was initially planted in the Darjeeling hills. Darjeeling Tea from various flushes have a distinctive taste and aroma due to the chemical change it undergoes during the manufacturing process, hence giving it a unique character. This has also resulted in Darjeeling Tea being called the “Champagne of India.”

Tea from Nilgiri and Assam are typical breakfast tea, tea with milk and sugar, and are regularly used as tea blends globally. However, Darjeeling Tea is grown in highest altitude and with the orthodox manufacturing process makes for fine tea to drink plain or with sugar/honey depending on how sweet one prefers to drink Darjeeling Tea.


Words alone cannot justify the aroma and taste of Darjeeling Tea. One must drink Darjeeling Tea to savor the taste of world famous Darjeeling Tea.

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