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Darjeeling Tea – An exotic among teas from across the world
By ChaiChun Team 9/6/2017 5:36 PM Comments

DARJEELING TEA – An exotic among teas from across the world.

Darjeeling Tea was initially planted by the British in the Darjeeling hills during the 1800's. The British selected Assam, Nilgiri and Darjeeling to continue exporting tea and to add revenues to their coffers.

Among teas produced in Assam and Nilgiri, Darjeeling Tea quickly gained reputation as the best. Tea lovers across the globe became loyal followers of Darjeeling Tea due to its unique aroma and muscatel flavour. Darjeeling Tea has been labeled as the “Champagne of Teas” and is mostly drunk plain, while other teas are mostly drunk as breakfast tea – tea with milk and sugar.

Tea lovers praise Darjeeling Tea for its unique and distinctive flavour and pleasant muscatel aroma. However, for starters one may wonder What is Darjeeling Tea?

The British in India introduced tea in the Darjeeling hills during the 1800's as well as in Assam and Nilgiri Hills. Darjeeling Tea can be quickly identified by smaller leaves and the color. During the manufacturing process, Darjeeling Tea is not fully oxidized. It is also not a full black tea but the color resembles somewhere between Oolongs and Black tea .

The unique taste and the pleasant smell of Darjeeling Tea is due to the manufacturing process still used since the British days. Known as “Orthodox Manufacturing Process,” it is usually carried out by labours. The process requires expert attention, giving Darjeeling Tea manufacturers an opportunity to come-up with varieties. The change undergone during the manufacturing process gives Darjeeling Tea its very own characteristic taste and aroma. Depending on the period of harvest, also known as flush, Darjeeling Tea varies in taste. Described as having a muscatel taste, Darjeeling Tea has a unique flavour due to geraniol, linalool, tarpenoids and fatty acid degradation during the manufacturing process. During research it was also found Darjeeling Tea more volatile and stronger compared to other teas. The distinctive taste is also due to tea genes from China and the hilly terrain of Darjeeling Hills where the famous Darjeeling Tea is grown.

For beginners, reading about the aroma and the taste of world famous Darjeeling Tea may not be enough to understand why Darjeeling Tea is the best. So head out and get the finest Darjeeling Tea to get a real taste of champagne of teas from the Darjeeling Hills.


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