Darjeeling First Flush Vs Darjeeling Second Flush Tea

The first harvest of tea leaves in the early spring is referred as First Flush whereas the harvest that is picked at the end of summer is known as Second Flush. In some tea Gardens they harvest the third yield after the end of summer which is known as ‘autumn flush’ or third flush.

Depending on the strength of the monsoon flushes may vary between the first, second and autumn, such intermediate flushes are called the In-Between and Monsoon flushes. Different varieties of teas are then produced after the harvest of all the flushes which includes black tea green tea, oolong tea and white tea, we now have different blended teas along with flavored tea to herbal tea which has multiple health benefits. Hence, your body won’t refuse to drink a healthy cup of tea every time you sip. The teas of Darjeeling are bound to please your taste-buds.

First flush teas are crisp and lighter in color and give a delicate flavor that is gentle, light in color, aromatic, with a mild astringency compared to second flush. First Flush will brew a golden amber color whilst a second flush tea has deep amber to brown in color. First flush are picked during the mid March till May every year.

The exposure of tea plants to sunlight gives a greener in color hence the second flush teas gives a stronger yet a bolder and vibrant taste. However for those who prefer a more subtle flavor then first flush would be the right pick. The musky flavours that are gently strong with numerous health benefits in Darjeeling teas are recognized across the globe.

The autumn flush or the third flush are plucked during September to November, the sun rays are cooler on the tea plants hence gives a mellow flavor than the second flush. The crisp and the delicate flavor doesn’t reflect in the third flush which makes the first flush stand out and the tea brews a deep amber color similar to the brown autumn leaves.

One good thing about tea is that it comes with different blends, flavors and forms and thus acquires the taste as per the season. Darjeeling first flush are lighter in color, fresh and gives a delicate aromatic taste and thus Darjeeling’s First Flush or premium teas are great for summer, whereas we have amazing spice tea which is just perfect for chilly winter to warm up your body. We recommend the following sequence to all tea lovers to get the perfect experience, Chai Chun’s First Flush Green Tea for spring and Second Flush Darjeeling or an Oolong for the fall, however, the choice is yours at the end of the day!

Tea has been used as medicine for centuries and with the advent of technology, researchers are now discovering the health benefits of drinking tea. Consumption of Green and black tea is very healthy as it has rich antioxidants whereas white teas are the least processed tea hence contains the highest antioxidant level and is considered as the supreme drink of health. Black Tea is more oxidized than any other tea and thus has a stronger in flavor than Green Tea, Oolong Tea or White tea which is less oxidized tea. Tea contains antioxidants that mop up the free radicals and may help reduce blood pressure and may also reduce the risk of stroke. Green Tea is packed with powerful antioxidant. They undergo a partial fermentation and are rich in antioxidants that help the body fight against free radicals antioxidants are nutrients that protect the body from damage by free radicals which might lead to various chronic diseases. You are definitely not doing a good favor to your health if you aren’t drinking 3-4 cups of Green tea daily.

White tea is loaded with protective nutrients. White Tea has been found to work well as prescription drugs without side effects and have a profound power to fight cancer-causing cells such as colon, prostate and stomach cancer. Oolong Tea is traditional semi-fermented Chinese tea produced through a process including withering the plant under strong sun and oxidizing before curling and twisting associated with fewer health benefits.

In terms of price Darjeeling’s First Flush teas will be more expensive than second flush Teas. However, picking your perfect tea is exclusively a personal choice.