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By ChaiChun Team 8/31/2017 9:57 PM Comments

Green Tea has become one of the healthiest options to lose weight. Modern professionals are time pressed to organize and attend meetings, seminars and promotions, they find little time to exercise and burn the unwanted fat and get back in shape. Although there are several options of staying in shape and to lose weight, Green Tea has become a one stop solution for busy professionals to lose weight and stay in shape. It is also a healthier option for people who are time pressed in their daily lives.

One Drink Green Tea as an alternative to lose weight as research has indicated the presence of caffeine and flavonoids in Green Tea brew can assist in increasing the rate of metabolism, fat oxidation and further enhance insulin activity.

The effects of weight loss can differ from person to person, drinking about two cups of Green Tea per day have shown it helps in losing weight. Bringing water to a boil and then mixing Green Tea is not the best way to brew a cup of Green Tea. To brew a perfect cup of Green Tea, one must boil the water first and then keep the boiling water aside for around 10 minutes. Following this procedure, the water is then poured over the Green Tea. Brew for around 1 minute and serve, however, Green Tea should be drunk plain – not with honey or sugar.

Loaded with several beneficial nutrients and compounds Green Teais one of healthier options to lose weight.

Green Tea can also be drunk by people who follow a dedicated exercise regime to fight weight issues. Green Tea can be added to the diet plan along with other healthy foods. According to research, Green Tea can increase the burning of fat during the exercise. Besides, Green Tea is also a healthy beverage and can be brewed anytime of the day. There is no strict regime to follow while drinking a cup of Green Tea brew. It can be brewed early morning and had before starting the day, pre-lunch and pre-dinner, however, one must remember to drink Green Tea brew plain – without adding honey/sugar into the brew.

Studies have revealed Green Tea helps in burning calories even while sleeping and at rest. However, the effects can vary from person to person.

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