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By Chai Chun Team 8/28/2017 10:35 PM Comments

TEA is refreshing, a cup of finest brew early morning helps one get started for the day and cup in the late afternoon refreshes one after a hectic day. India being a country of diverse culture and cuisine, one can find cuisines to satiate his/her desire to tickle the taste buds. However, tea is one of the favourite beverage for the citizens of India. Indian citizens consume almost 900,000 tonnes of tea annually, some like it without milk while some like tea with ginger.

Of course there are several benefits associated with drinking Ginger tea .Ginger – a spice used in Indian households while cooking meat and vegetables, it makes the tea even more tastier. Add ginger while boiling tea and relax with every sip of the best ginger drink.

Ginger tea has several benefits besides the taste and invigorating one after a hectic day. With ginger blessed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, adding it to tea not only makes ginger tea tasty but also a healthier alternative.

People suffering from motion sickness can drink ginger tea before traveling as it helps in stopping vomiting and nausea. One can also drink ginger tea to be relieved from symptoms of nausea. Ginger tea is also great for people suffering from indigestion. It helps in absorbing food and reduces bloating of the bladder after over-eating, hence boosting the performance of the stomach.

Tea made with ginger also works wonders while looking for a quick solution to soothe problems in the muscles and joints. Blessed with anti-inflammatory properties, one can drink ginger tea and douse the area with ginger drink.

Besides, soothing problems in the muscles and joints, ginger tea also helps one in providing relief from congestion due to common cold. One can also drink a cup of hot ginger tea drink for a quick and soothing effect from respiratory problems due to environmental allergies. Drinking tea with ginger also helps in improving blood circulation, thus lessening the chances of cardiovascular problems. Drinking tea with ginger likely stops fat accumulating in the arteries, hence helping in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

There are several benefits of drinking ginger tea. Ginger tea drink also helps in alleviating menstrual cramps for women. One can douse a cloth in slightly warmer ginger tea drink and can put the cloth soaked in ginger tea drink in lower abdomen. The home remedy is likely to providing relief from menstrual pain and in relaxing the muscles, providing some relief. While applying the home remedy, one can also drink ginger tea mixed with honey.

Ginger tea drink is not only tasty but drinking it also helps in strengthening one's immunity as ginger is high in antioxidants.

Besides, a cup of warm ginger tea drink can also help in reducing stress and tension.

With several benefits apart from tasting great, be it black tea or milk tea with ginger, one should give ginger tea a try before coming to a conclusion.

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