Green Tea VS White Tea. Which Is Better?

It has been a growing debate for all the tea connoisseurs with regard to the health benefits of Green Tea and White Tea. Many researchers have proved the healthy benefits of Green Tea but the advantages of White Tea are less exposed, hence below are some comparison of Green and White Tea and its healthy benefits to our health.

Both the tea i.e., Green Tea and White Tea come from the same camellia sinensis plant. Green Tea has numerous health benefits and hence it has become one of the favorite beverages to all the tea lovers across the globe. Green tea leaves do not undergo steaming, rolling and drying process while white tea undergoes only steaming and drying process. Green tea is now harvested throughout the season and white teas are harvested during the early spring for a short period of time. (Probably for a week or two only).

Green teas are made from the young tender leaves normally they are plucked bearing three to four leaves with the buds. White teas are made from the immature or unopened buds of the tea-leaf. White Tea is not fermented and thus contains three times the amount of antioxidants than Green Tea. Both green tea and white tea have less caffeine level however white tea comparatively has lesser caffeine.

The antibacterial and antiviral properties in White Tea are more than Green Tea as White Tea contains higher antioxidant. However, both teas have been proven to boost immune systems. Both Green & White teas works as great anti-aging properties when added to skin care products and both Green Tea and White Tea fights against free radicals of the body. The nutrients contain in Green tea can improve brain function and can improve dental health. The antioxidant in Green tea helps in keeping a heart healthy. The antioxidant properties of White Tea neutralize the free radicals of the body, reduce the risk of premature ageing and thus keeping your skin healthy and youthful. White tea leads to a decreased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and oral problems too.

Both white and green tea have high antioxidants level and helps in weight management
however, a regular exercise with a balanced diet needs to be maintained in-order to get the optimum benefits. Regarding taste, green taste gives a grassy taste and white tea gives a sweet and subtle flavor. Due to the delicate harvesting process of white tea, the production of white teas are less compared to other teas hence the price of white teas are a bit expensive than any other teas available in the market.

The liquor of white tea resembles to that of pale and light creamish color and green
tea brews a light greenish color.

The information above should clear up the difference between green tea and white tea. Both green and white teas offer abundant health benefits, but white tea may have a slight edge over green tea. The best way to get the optimum health benefits from tea is to include both Green and White teas to our daily diet. Drink Green tea on a daily basis and indulge on white tea once in a while.