Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

Tea in general, has many health benefits and consuming black tea may result in a healthier living if consumed without any sugar/sweetener. Drinking black tea on a daily basis may reduce the amount of sugar and calories in our body and may result in a healthier body mass index in the long run. However, the result depends on the consumer’s age, build and also the health condition. The rich antioxidant in black tea has significant health benefits that help in reducing the inflammation in the body.

Black tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world apart from water. Black tea has a stronger flavor and has more caffeine than other teas yet lesser caffeine than coffee hence, black tea would be the perfect pick to all the tea lovers who prefer a stronger flavor as it helps in removing the free radicals in the body and reduces the cell damage which ultimately helps in decreasing the risk of all chronic disease.

The key source of antioxidants in black tea is the polyphenols that includes theaflavins, thearubigins and catechins which help in promoting a healthy life and thus reduces the risk of diabetes, reduces cholesterol and obesity. As per studies, Theaflavins controls the blood sugar level and also maintains the cholesterol level. On the other hand, the role of catechins in tea helps in burning down body fats according to studies, those who are consuming catechins from tea on a regular basis may have a remarkable decrease in body fat. Another important antioxidants found in black tea is called flavonoids which benefits a healthy heart and thus may reduce the chance of stroke. Flavonoids are also found even in vegetables, red wine, dark chocolate and in fruits apart from tea hence, consuming black tea on a regular basis reduces the risk of future health complications.

Consuming black tea on a regular basis also reduces in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and hence maintains a healthy blood pressure. It also works well in improving the gut health, the polyphenols contains in black tea may help in fighting the cancer cell development. Black tea is a great beverage if you are looking to improve energy and focus without a lot of caffeine. Consuming Black Tea also lowers the risk of kidney stone formation and also a healthy heart. Black Tea can reduce the stress hormones in the body and relaxes the nerves, instead of smoking tobacco or reaching out for sweet start inculcating a habit of drinking Black tea to relieve stress.

If you have a tummy upset then you might want to grab a cup of black tea as it not only soothes your digestive system but treats diarrhea too. Most of skin infections are also caused due to microbial colonization and skin is the most delicate and sensitive part in our body which requires proper care. The catechins and flavonoids found in Black Tea may help prevent skin infections hence it’s always good to have a cup of tea rather than opting for medicine in-order to expedite the healing process in a natural way.

Black tea may help in reducing weight too consuming Black tea on a daily basis without adding any sweetener or sugar may cut down the fats in our body however one has to change certain lifestyle in-order to avail such healthy benefits of tea. Do you know that Black tea kills foot odour? Yes, you heard it right Black tea helps your feet to sweat less and hence this is for all the sweaty feet out there try this at home and experience the difference, boil two teaspoons of black tea leaves in a pint of water for 15 minutes, strain the tea, and dilute the tea with two quarts of water. Let the mixture cool a bit and then soak your feet for 15 to 30 minutes.  

There are certain limits too, it is advised by many health professionals that Black tea contains more caffeine than other teas and hence it might be risky for pregnant woman as consuming more than a cup or two may be risky and might lead to miscarriage. People who suffer from cardiovascular disorders, glaucoma, high blood pressure and anxiety disorders are advised to first consult with their health providers before adding this wonderful beverage.