Brewing Guide
Come discover your perfect tea. Experience the authentic and unique character of a wonderful selection of teas that travel from the field to your cup. The teas at CHAI CHUN are grown and processed by true artisans of the leaf. From traditional blends of ASSAM, to majestic Darjeeling estate teas , to modern tastes for green tea and floral tea, to soothing fruit blends and herbal teas, there’s a lot to see, feel, Savour and choose from in our selection. Great tea moments begin here.
Steeping Instruction
BLACK TEA (LEAF)1 tsp195’F3-4 min
BLACK TEA (CTC)1 tsp195’F4-5 min
OOLONG TEA 1 tsp165’F2-3 min
GREEN TEA1 tsp175’F4-5 min
WHITE TEA1 tsp208’F5-6 min
HERBAL TEA1 tsp175’F2-3 min
FLAVORED TEA 1 tsp195’F2-3 min

Black Tea

BLACK TEA (LEAF)1 tsp195’F3-4 min
Black Tea (CTC)

BLACK TEA (CTC)1 tsp195’F4-5 min
Oolong Tea

OOLONG TEA1 tsp165’F2-3 min
Green Tea

GREEN TEA1 tsp165’F2-3 min
White Tea

WHITE TEA1 tsp175’F4-5 min
Herbal Tea

HERBAL TEA1 tsp208’F5-6 min
Flavored Tea

FLAVORED TEA1 tsp175’F2-3 min
Ice Tea

ICE TEA1 tsp195’F2-3 min