Classic Chai

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  • Delight Everyday

    The everyday cup to keep you going.
    250 gm | 125 Cups

    Starting at: ₹300.00

  • Swad Rozana

    Premium CTC with bold notes of malt for an authentic experience.
    250 gm | 125 Cups

    Starting at: ₹140.00

  • Bombay Cutting Chai

    Fine ingredients and Quality gives strong color and Mumbai street tea experience

    Starting at: ₹175.00

  • Great Mornings

    The blend of aroma and flavour created with Great Mornings is unbeatable and rejuvenating.
    250 gm | 125 Cups

    Starting at: ₹240.00

  • Perfect Breakfast -Jute Bags

    Perfect Breakfast gives a strong taste prepared for regular tea drinkers, this premium CTC comes from the state of Assam and exhibits the best of both Assam and Darjeeling tea. Assam CTC tea is known all over the world for its unique malty flavour. Fully

    Starting at: ₹850.00

  • 4 Spice Masti Jute Bag

    Blending CTC tea with herbs and spices is an age-old tradition carried for generations in India. The goodness of Assam tea is then blended with natural herbs, spices and plant extracts to give a strong cup of Masala Chai to all the tea lovers to treat the

    Starting at: ₹1,100.00

6 Item(s)
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