Glenburn Oolong Spring Flush 2018

Your quest for the ultimate Oolong ends here with Glenburn Oolong Spring Flush 2018. For the true connoisseur, this enchanting brew permits a glimpse of the skill and artistry which is required to produce a tea of such high calibre. This will bring character and diversity to your cup — an introduction to a world of tea you may never have discovered before.

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Glenburn Oolong FF 2018 25 grams | 15 Cups
Glenburn Oolong FF 2018 50 grams | 25 Cups
Glenburn Oolong FF 2018 100 grams | 50 Cups
Glenburn Oolong FF 2018 250 grams | 125 Cups
Glenburn Oolong FF 2018 500 grams | 250 Cups
Glenburn Oolong FF 2018 1000 grams | 500 Cups
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Product Description

About the Tea Garden
Glenburn was established in 1859 by a Scottish planter and is presently owned by the Prakash family. The 750-hectare tea estate, as the name suggests, is a river valley. The Rungeet and Rung Dung rivers nourish the lush cultivation. The entire estate is spread over a hill slope with an elevation ranging between 800 and 3,200ft above sea level.
Heady mix of floral scents.
The liquor is light and subtle on the palate with floral and citrusy undertones.
With cookies and honey pan cake.
Dry Leaf
Marked by grape skin fragrance mixed with cucumber and a touch of honeysuckle.
Sets of one or two downy green leaves and a bud leaf with preponderance of white hair.
Tangy and musty, redolent of a wine cellar.
Olive green whole leaves tinged with copper accents.
Steeping Instructions
180 ml
85-90 °C
2 tsp / 2 g
3-4 mins
Storage Instructions

Protect your investment (and your palate) by storing your fine, loose leaf tea in a proper tea container. Tea needs to be kept away from heat, light, air, and moisture.  The best way to store tea is at room temperature in an airtight tea canister. Unlike coffee, you cannot wrap up tea and put it in the freezer. Tea will lose its flavor and scent quickly if stored in fancy, purely decorative tea containers or kept near a heat source, such as a stove or next to the toaster in your kitchen.

Our airtight double walled stainless steel tea tins are the perfect tea storage container to keep your teas fresh for up to a year.

Recommended Steeps:
Best Consumed:
Suggested Condiments:
Plain, sugar, lemon or honey
Best time of the day:
Morning and Evening Cups.
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Manufacturer Info
Aman Tea Distributors Pvt. Ltd, Bhutki More, Jalpaiguri-735135 West Bengal, India.
Marketing Office
Aman Tea Distributors Pvt. Ltd, Mia Garage Building, 2nd Floor, Hill Cart Road, Siliguri(Darjeeling)-734001 West Bengal, India.


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