Tea for One-Clay pot

The tea-maker must match the right size and shape of teapot, the type of clay and firing temperature with the right type of tea and the number of people being served. And since a teapot is something that may be used every day, it should be something that is comfortable to handle, long lasting and pleasing to the eye.The clay used remains porous and tea oils are intended to build up inside the teapot and over time, smooth the taste of tea and improve it by adding its own unique “taste” from the accumulated oils.


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Product Description

An Elegant Clay Tea Pot made of Clay to serve your favorite ChaiChun Tea with a Class. With Cup and Saucer, Making tea is essentially the process of breaking down the cell structure of tea leaves to release their flavour.

Material Clay
Volume 250 ML
Height 15 CMS
Diameter 36 CMS
Color Black with Orange Lid


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