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We offer a wide selection of premium loose teas, herbals, botanicals from the best estates across India. We are committed to transforming the way tea is perceived and consumed by making your tea purchasing experience pleasurable and enjoyable.
The Chai Chun store reflects tea's own personality — invigorating and warm in a modern atmosphere. The teas we offer are grown and processed by true artisans of the leaf./p>


Chai Chun is a group of tea lovers and enthusiasts who all share a passion for drinking great tea and an appreciation of the healthy life style it brings.
We frequently travel through the country visiting tea plantations and hearing all the wonderful stories surrounding it. In doing so we savour exceptional teas, and are able to source and bring the pick of India's teas to you.

For Founder and Managing Director Rajeev Baid, being in the tea trade means constantly looking for ways to produce the finest quality of tea through innovation and technological advancement. Starting his career as a tea vendor at railway stations and bus stops in the Kishanganj area of Bihar, Rajeev is committed to learn more about tea and strengthen the connection between people who drink it with the people who grow it.
He is also passionate about sharing the natural and simple alternatives for people to live healthy lives, and believes in making the world a better place through life-enhancing sustainable hydration: beverages which are good for you, and good for the planet. His vision also includes teaching aspiring students the true art of making tea at a soon to be established tea institute, and a school for the blind.