The tea-producing regions of China have a moderate wet climate in which the rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. Also, many plantations are situated on the hillsides with very constant low clouds, giving the leaves a high moisture content, a very important factor to the quality of green teas. The main harvest, which is both the best and the most important, takes place from mid April to mid May

  • Quality
    ▪ Quality standards apply mainly to black teas, essentially reserved for export and produced on a very large scale.
    ▪ For green teas, these often produced in much smaller quantities, which makes them rare.
    ▪ To appreciate the delicacy and fresh ness, green teas should be drunk while they are still "new season", (8-10 months following the harvest).
  • Varieties
    ▪ Green tea, the daily drink of the Chinese people, accounts for 80% of the total production
    ▪ Other popular varieties of teas in China
    Pu Erh