Teaso Paperena Caddy small

A must have for any tea lover to protect and preserve their tea. Tea leaves, like chocolate easily absorb other aromas significantly from the containers. Place them in your spice cupboard, and they will never taste like they should. This is why an airtight tea caddy is essential when it comes to preserving the flavour of your tea.This high-quality caddy will protect your tea from moisture and sunlight which otherwise alters the flavour of your tea leaves. Made out of paper, this caddy comes in various colours and sizes suiting your need. The wooden lid hinders water and sunlight from entering into the container."

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Product Description

Our wonderful range of Tea Caddies is perfect for any tea drinker. A Tea Caddy is essential when it comes to protecting high quality tea from moisture and sunlight by keeping it in an airtight container.

Material Hardboard
Volume 250 Ml
Height 3.5 inches
Diameter 4 inches
Available Color Red & Green


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