Tea Gift Sets - Whythey can be a Thoughtful & Impressive choice?


 Tea Gift Sets

Let’s accept it, choosing gifts is a daunting task. Gifts are a token of appreciation and we put our best efforts to make them relevant, individualistic, and thoughtful. But do the gifts we choose translate our feelings? Well, to be honest, I think most of the time our gifts miss the purpose of carrying our adoration for the other person. 

Let’s explore the other side of the coin, when it comes to gifts, what do we expect? Gifts are impressions, and through the gifts, we want to know how much the other person understands us. Along with a sense of knowing the person, another significant element that makes a gift exciting is the element of surprise. And we all crave good surprises every once in a while, right? 

Gift Sets

So, what makes tea a good candidate to be considered as a gift? I would say that it comes with a big surprise element! We rarely receive tea as gifts, and wouldn’t we be surprised if we received one, that too the finest tea blends in aesthetic packages? I would be bemused and others will be too. Tea is a historical beverage and in the present day, it is the most consumed beverage after water. War has been waged in the name of tea, great monks meditate over a cup of tea and it has also been historically documented that tea bricks were used as currency in some parts of Asia. The rich history and the enticingly astonishing tapestry of flavours and fragrances make teas a gift that will leave a lasting impression. 

How to choose good tea gift sets?

Teas that are made with great care and passion render an exemplary experience with an awesome mouthfeel. The tea world is vast and there is a wide variety to choose from which gives us the chance to tailor our gifts specifically for the other person. Also, the teas from heritage tea estates make the tea exclusive and luxurious. D can be a great choice as Darjeeling is the only region in India that harvests the chinary variety of tea bush. Teas from Darjeeling are lusciously luxurious and tea sommeliers globally await the orthodox blends from Darjeeling. They offer fractions of heritage and culture in every sip and the fresh flavours mimic the Himalayan aura.

Tea Gift

Teas were gifted to emperors and were considered an item of the aristocracy. We now have a wide range of variety to choose from to reanimate the worth of tea as an excellent gift. 

While orthodox teas from Darjeeling can be a great gift for someone who appreciates refinement in their cup, rich malty CTC and masala teas can work well for people with a sweet tooth. And of course, there are herbal, green, and white teas for health enthusiasts. If someone is just a tea lover, then a special assortment of the finest teas in the world will make a great image. 

Whatever your needs are, we have curated a range of tea gift sets to meet all your needs. Explore the range here. 


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