Top 7 Best Iced Tea to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat


Scorching summer heat is rising and it is the ultimate time to take a break from your regular tea. Summers are meant for experiencing the truly refreshing and delightful iced tea that has the ability to keep you refreshed all day long. Indulging in the refreshing iced tea in the midst of the blistering summer heat is the ultimate pleasure. However, finding the finest and most flavourful iced tea is the one real hard work.  To make things easy we bring you a list of the finest iced tea to beat the heat in a delicate way. 


Strawberry Punch 


Delightful and Sparkling Strawberry Punch Tea is the perfect iced tea that will quench your thirst in this scorching summer heat.  It is crafted and blended with pristine green tea and amusing strawberries for a soul-soothing taste with tangy undertones of strawberry accompanied by rich antioxidants. Bursting with top-notch quality flavours of strawberries and the immensely smooth aroma with a mild hint of vegetal notes makes it a refreshing cup of iced tea.  A sip of strawberry punch tea during the summer days is absolutely pure bliss. 


Mango Melange 


When summer appears, mangoes take centre stage. Truly, without mango, summer is incomplete. To quench your thirst during summer and cravings for mango we bring you the freshly crafted Mango Melange - the perfect iced tea to beat the summer heat. This magnificent Manago Melange is a unique tisane known for its delightful taste and refreshing aroma. It is crafted with the natural goodness of mango and blended precisely with pomegranate, hibiscus, calendula flower and stevia leaves. In addition, it is caffeine free which fosters a rich and refreshing taste in every sip. 

Apple Cinnamon 


In the realm of refreshing beverages, Apple Cinnamon has its own charm of excellence. The crispiness of the Apple Cinnamon effortlessly represents ultimate summer vibes. Every sip of the pristine Apple Cinnamon offers a sense of unparalleled tranquillity and pleasure. This majestic tisane is precisely crafted with the natural goodness of fine apples sourced from the heavenly valley of Kashmir, top-notch quality cinnamon, hibiscus and Stevia leaves. The subtle sweetness of the garden fresh apple and spicy notes of the cinnamon makes this tisane insanely delightful. 


Kiwi Treat 


This limited edition refreshing kiwi treat is crafted to rejuvenate your senses during the peak summer days. It is the essential summer drink that has the ability to provide you with refreshing vibes and a sip of this opulent beverage efficiently illustrates the essence of kiwi. This masterful blend of kiwi treats is accurately crafted with the natural goodness of orchid fresh kiwi, hibiscus, pineapple, pomegranate, marigold, cinnamon and stevia leaves. A sip of this soulful beverage offers refreshing and fruity sweetness with a prominent hint of pineapple and cinnamon. 

Peach Splash 


Are you thinking of the perfect summer beverage? Here comes the peach Splash. A refreshing summer tea to quench your thirst in the midst of the scorching summer heat. It is immensely flavorful and energizing enough to put a smile on your face. This peach splash tea is blended with the goodness of the farm-fresh peach and premium green tea makes the cup utterly smooth and delightful. The bright and golden hue of the peach splash tea is a sight to behold accompanied by rich antioxidants and brimming with nuanced flavours of farm-fresh peach.

Red Temptation 


Summertime tea can be better with Red Temptation Tea, an irresistibly finest iced tea to achieve bliss during peak summer days. The refreshing taste of this glorious iced tea is capable to cool down your senses and leaving you mesmerized. This compelling blend is a heavenly bliss that is masterfully crafted with the natural goodness of farm-fresh cranberries and juicy strawberries. With each sip of this sublime beverage, the tangy and sweet notes of berries are experienced along with the sharp and refreshing aroma of apricots, plums and cherries. 


Orange Blossom 


Escape the blistering summer heat with a cup of a delightful and refreshing cup of Orange Blossom Tea. Splendidly designed to keep the summer heat at bay and keep you refreshed all day long. The brimming citrus flavours and bright hue makes the cup immensely stimulating. It is the ultimate companion to quench thirst and boost energy. The delicate taste and the captivating aroma have the ability to mesmerize every tea connoisseur. This heavenly gifted beverage is precisely crafted with orange peel, dried orange, hibiscus, marigold and premium black tea that offers a crisp and refreshing taste. 


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