As indicated on the packaging, it's important to respect the advice on water temperature and
infusion time to appreciate the actual qualities of a tea.

Measure the apt quantity of tea to enjoy it's flavor completely.

An excess/ less amount causes imbalance of its components. Ideally, use 0.07 oz. (2g) of tea leaves for 4 fl. oz. (12cl) of water. Tea leaves can be measured accurately using our filters & scales.The easiest would be the use of measured tea bags to guarantee you a smooth cup of tea.

Pour water at optimal temperature

While heat makes most components of tea soluble, it can also destroy/ alter some of them. Controlling the water temperature allows you to balance the components in each tea.There is an optimal brewing temperature for each type of tea, which should be respected to bring out all of its qualities.These are marked on all our packaging.Use of the stainless steel thermostatic kettle makes it easy to select different pre-set temperatures.

Steep as per the guidelines of the tea typ

It is essential to steep your tea for the correct time to bring out all of its qualities. Brewing times vary between 10 seconds and 20 minutes, and are determined by the chemical components of each tea.For the perfect tasting experience, we suggest you following the indications on our packaging as per the tea type. To avoid leaving your tea to brew for too long, we suggest the use of the electronic timer

Brewing Board

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