Rooibos or red bush is a leguminous plant from South Africa. Being very low in tannins and completely theine-free, this antioxidant-rich drink is ideal in the evening.

Knowing rooibos teas
  • Benefits
    ▪ Rich in antioxidants protects the body from cellular ageing
    ▪ Known for its numerous benefits on digestion, sleep and allergies
    ▪ Rooibos is caffeine-free, healthy and tasty, perfect for an evening drink.
    ▪ Almost tannin-free, very less astringent and its light sweet taste makes it an excellent base for flavoured blends.
  • Special Plant
    ▪ Rooibos is a bush-like plant that can be up to 1,5 m high.
    ▪ It is made of a stem spreading into a vast number of thin branches covered with needle-shaped light green leaves.
    ▪ In spring, it blooms into small yellow blossoms that produce a 1-seed fruit
    ▪ Rooibos has been consumed as an infusion by indigenous people for over 300 years.
    ▪ There are two main varieties: sundried and oxidized. It is the latter variety we are use to drink.
  • Harvest to Cup
    ▪ Harvesting takes place during the first 3 months of the year corresponding to the summer season.
    ▪ The bushes are cut with a sickle 30 cm from the ground.
    ▪ Leaves and stems are chopped, crushed by mechanic rollers, displayed into small heaps and moistened.
    ▪ The oxidation process then starts, giving the plant its typical
    taste and red colour. ▪ The leaves are then left to sundry and sifted to get rid of dirt and bits of stems.
    ▪ Finally, they are steamed before being packed.
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