Tea & Gastronomy

Tea provides incredible food pairing opportunities. Just like wine, we can create subtle, beautifully balanced tea and food combinations that will enhance your dishes and bring out similar and complementary notes in perfect harmony.

From starters to desserts, discover the pairings suggested by our gastronomy specialists and share with us your own experiences too

Tea Pairings
  • Tea + Savoury

  • Tea + Cheese

  • Tea + Dessert

  • Tea + Chocolate

Tea + Morning food pairing

Green Tea (fruity notes): Sandwiches, fruits, salads, baked savories

Darjeeling 2nd Flush (Smokey notes): Toasts, Hams, smoked meats/veggies, quiches

Assam Tea: Butter, Toast, Cakes

Tea + Noon food pairing

Assam CTC: Continental, cheese based foods, spicy mexican Spanish omelet

Masala Tea: Pakora, patties, donuts, muffins

Flavored Green Tea: Grilled potatoes, dark chocolate, grilled cottage cheese

Darjeeling 1st flush (Floral note): Coleslaw sandwiches, Khaman dhokla,lasagna

Tea + Afternoon food pairing

Masala Tea: Indian assorted breads

Fruit Tea: Indian pastries, spicy chicken, dark chocolate notes, marshmallows

Chocolate Tea: Roasted grilled foods (veggies/ chicken/ cottage cheese)

Flavoured Black Tea: Chocolate based foods (pancakes), citrusy notes (lemon rice)

Herbal Tea: Oats cookies, idli, light baked snack

Darjeeling 1st flush Tea (Floral notes): Momos, Baked foods, pasta

White Tea: Sweet fruit salad, cheese dominant foods

Floral Tea: Pasta, veggies, panini

Tea + Evening food pairing

Strong Assam Tea: Fried foods - samosa, dosa, fried idli, grilled kebabs/ cheese

Darjeeling 2nd flush (Fruity note): Tea cakes, pastries, dry tannins concentrated, desserts, pancakes with honey

Green Tea (Smokey note): Smokey potatoes, stir fried veggies, pizza, grilled mushrooms

White Tea: Lightly spiced and sauteed veggies

Tea + Post dinner food pairing

WhiteTea: Plain veggies salad without dressing

Green Tea (Vegetal note): Sea food/ tossed veggies with boiled rice

MatchaTea: Light desserts of milk and chocolate base

Floral Tea: Boiled veggies with light seasoning/ light dressing

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