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Searching for Wholesale Tea in India?

If you are planning to start a tea shop, restaurant, cafe or an online store for tea, you will need to buy tea at wholesale price.

Wholesale tea can help you take your business from level zero to level 10 in no time. Especially, if you can get a marvellous variety of premium teas to smile at.

Tea is the most popular beverage in India, and a business around it is bound to thrive. There is a chance of making huge sums of money if you choose the right loose tea wholesaler.

On top of that, there is the opportunity to bring smiles to a lot many faces in the world. After all, tea is our mode of de-stressing. We drink it when we enjoy time with friends and family.

We drink it as a concoction for health that can eventually make us live longer and enjoy more time with our loved ones.

But beware when you buy tea at wholesale prices. It can be tricky as there are many companies out there in the bulk loose tea wholesale business.

Not all of them can give you profits. Not all of them ensure a delightful cup of tea full of flavour, aroma, and health benefits for your customers.

That's what you must keep in mind before you make any wholesale tea inquiry.

Find the Right Wholesale Tea Suppliers.

To ensure your customers get the finest of tea to cherish and you make a good profit too, you will have to make sure you choose the right bulk loose tea wholesale suppliers.

What should you keep in mind?

1. Supreme quality: There's nothing better than your wholesale tea supplier providing you tea directly from the gardens. You also must ensure that the quality of tea which you get is consistent. Your customers won't return after 2 to 3 times if they find the quality not as great as the first time they drank your cuppa.

2. Price: This one is a no-brainer. You must buy tea at a wholesale price that promises to give you immense profit. Most quality brews are expensive in the market. So, if you can find the wholesale tea suppliers that give you the right bang for your buck. Go for it without wasting any time. After all, a good business makes good money.

3. Story of the wholesale tea supplier: Most buyers usually ignore this point. You must know the background of your wholesale tea suppliers. Moreover, you should understand their vision and mission with their business. Because if the wholesaler has a world-impacting mission, he will never provide you with low-quality tea.

4. Availability: When doing a wholesale tea inquiry, ensure that you ask the suppliers if they can fulfil your regular tea requirement for your business.

5. Variety: Your customers would love a wide variety of premium teas. So, make sure you bring them several kinds of green tea, muscatel flavoured Darjeeling, the strong black tea or grassy/floral flavours of oolong.

Buy Tea in Wholesale Price at Chaichun Tea.

Why do we think that ChaiChun Tea is the ideal place for you to get your wholesale tea in India? The reason is simple. You get all those pointers checked.

You get premium quality teas at ChaiChun Tea in an extensive variety. We are one of the few loose tea wholesalers who bring our tea directly from the pristine gardens of Assam, Nilgiri, Darjeeling, Sikkim and other blissful places in India. So, you can be sure to get a wide variety available no matter how big your business is.

Want the Himalayan scarlet? The misty green? The Taru oolong? Or the pearl white? We also have summer dew and muscatel delight. From seventh sister oolong to taste of fall, we have teas your customers wouldn't even know they needed.

And all these are available based on seasons too. That's right? Want the spring flush? Or summer flush? Maybe Autumn. Whatever it is, we have it for you.

How come we have such extensive variety, that too, at such amazing prices in premium quality? That's because our founder, Rajeev Baid, knows the ins and outs of the tea industry.

You see, he started his career as a small tea vendor and is now aiming to make the world a better place, with sustainable and life-enhancing hydration with nourishing and flavourful teas.

With that mission in mind, we try to provide the best quality possible in the best prices as it supports our dream.

It's time for your business commitment. Make your wholesale tea inquiry now!

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