5 reasons to choose Chai Chun for all of your tea needs


Tea garden to cup

With teas and every other ingredient sourced authentically from the best producers, Chai Chun certainly is the best place where all your tea needs will be taken care of. Chai Chun provides 165+ blends via its 18 stores spread across India and an online platform. Certainly the best online store in India, Chai Chun also features opulent teawares that elevate the tea experience. Here are 5 reasons to choose Chai Chun for all your tea needs.

1. Chai Chun is the only tea boutique in India with 18+ stores across the nation and an e-commerce site.

The world of tea is vibrant with a wide spectrum of flavours, hues, fragrances and Chai Chun’s purpose is to make the variety available for the tea lovers of the nation. Chai Chun is the first enterprise in the nation to introduce a boutique-style tea store where tea lovers can leisurely witness the variety, taste a few and pick the one that perfectly suits their individual needs. Every Chai Chun store is equipped with tea experts that will facilitate a better understanding of the teas that it procures from the best tea estates in India. Amongst other places, Chai Chun also has its boutique in Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Gurugram. Without an iota of doubt Chai Chun is not only among the best 10 tea boutiques in India but it is also the best online tea store in India.

2. For the wide variety of Darjeeling teas that Chai Chun provides.
Not only the best Assam & Dooars CTC teas, but Chai Chun also offers the entire range of Darjeeling teas. From the opulent seasonal flushes of Darjeeling to the white, green and oolong teas, Chai Chun delivers garden-fresh Darjeeling teas directly to the tea lovers’ cup. In short, Chai Chun is the go-to place to buy Darjeeling tea online.

3. For teas that are healthy and refreshing.
Teas are not only flavoursome and delightful but also immensely healthy. The expert blenders at Chai Chun have left no stone unturned in making blends of Indian superfoods, spices, herbs and antioxidant-rich white and green teas. Tea is the most preferred beverage after water and it has been in use as a medical supplement since time immemorial. It is an elixir that rejuvenates, refreshes and detoxifies. When the inherently healthy teas are blended with equally beneficial superfoods like moringa, turmeric, ginger and a plethora of herbs and spices, the concoction becomes robust and refreshing. Chai Chun offers a range of such blends with ingredients that are freshly procured.

4. For the range of accessories and gift tea boxes.
Chai Chun is certainly a go-to place if one is thinking about gifts that are extraordinary, thoughtful and elegant. It provides a range of gifts that will stand out. One can find the best tea gift for her, him or for the tea lovers in general. Fresh teas packed in aesthetic tea boxes, and elegant tea wares, Chai Chun features some of the best tea gift sets.

5. For the smooth, malty and strong cup of favourite masala chai.
Not only the whole-leaf teas, but Chai Chun is the home for the strong, malty and refreshing CTC teas. 4 Spice Masti is the best-selling product of Chai Chun loved by all the chai lovers. From the best CTC teas produced in the upper belts of Assam to the best estates of Dooars, Chai Chun offers the best variety of CTC teas and their masala chai avatars.
Look nowhere, visit Chai Chun's vibrant world of teas for all your tea needs.

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