Chai Chun – One of the most Famous Tea Shops in India


Starting in 2015, Chai Chun is the only and #1 tea boutique in India. With 18+ stores across prime locations in India, it is a one-of-a-kind store dedicated entirely to tea. With more than 165 blends and a full-fledged e-com website, Chai Chun is one of the most famous tea shops in India. Every ingredient at Chai Chun is carefully procured from trusted sources and every blend is made with passion, love and care.

We have been purchasing tea off the grocery counter for way too long now. Tea plays such a significant part in our life, I mean how many of us can function without a nice cup of tea I wonder. And the numerous cups amidst a hectic schedule give us just the right punch to take the day head-on. But do we ever put some thought into purchasing the right tea? Do we think about the source while buying? Do we care enough to look where our teas are processed and how long it takes to reach us? I don’t think so. If you love the tea that you purchased from the regular grocery store, then I bet that you will be awed by the taste of teas that are garden-fresh and sourced from the best tea plantation in India. Online tea shops thrive to give their customers the fresh tea that they deserve. Teas are delicate beings and they steep optimum flavours and aroma when fresh. Other than the enhanced flavours, believe it or not, fresh tea contains more polyphenols meaning they contain more healthy elements than the teas from the grocery store which spend a lot of time going through a plethora of wholesalers, retailers and packaging units.


The world of tea is enormously vast and it is time we acknowledge that. We have our favourite cup of tea but there might be something in the tea world which might feel like it has been tailored specially for us. Although made from the same tea plant, there exist several types of tea suited for different times of the day with enticing flavours and aromas. Tea blending is a process that is as old as the tea itself. Teas are often blended with herbs, flowers, and oil extracts that enhance the aroma, flavours and medicinal quality.


There is tea for every occasion, mood and time. While Chamomile Green Tea calms the senses and can be a great cup to have before bed, a brisk cup of Darjeeling's first flush tea might be the cup you need to unwind and summon the energy to be productive for the rest of the day. A cup of Darjeeling Autumn Flush tea can be great to woe your guests while a malty cup of premium CTC tea might be just the cup you need in the evening. The list is literally endless and we insist you visit Chai Chun, one of the few and the most famous tea shops in India to really feel how massive tea people we are. Walk into any of our stores or our websites and you will be welcomed. Be sure that all your tea needs will be handled with care and passion. 

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