From a tea vendor in railway stations and bus stops in Kishanganj, Bihar, Rajeev Baid has established himself as an iconic visionary in the tea industry. In a matter of 15 years, he has brought about significant revolutions in the tea trade, taking bold decisions in an otherwise conservative industry. With in-depth knowledge and industry expertise, his contribution to the domestic and international market has been significant, instrumental in furthering the growth of tea consumption

In 2002, Rajeev established M/S Apex Tea Exports Pvt. Ltd., followed by the Evergreen Group in 2012. The company also has under its umbrella Aman Tea Distributors Pvt. Ltd. In 2015, Chai Chun launched its first store in Siliguri & at present running 11 Tea Boutiques PAN India.

At present, the company owns various bought tea leaf factories and tea gardens in West Bengal and Bihar. The state-of-the-art Evergreen Dooars Tea factory in Bhutki, Jalpaguri was nominated by the final jury of the CII Innovative Awards for its technology and automation. Recently having entered the public private partnership with the Government of Bihar, he was awarded the tender for the tea factory established jointly by the Central Government and the Government of Bihar. The factory was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar.

A tea connoisseur himself, Rajeev is constantly looking for ways bring about innovation in tea, striving to serve the Indian palate the best in each sip. Committed to strengthening the connection between the people who grow tea and the people who drink the final blend, he believes that making the perfect cup of tea is an art in itself, invigorating the senses and inspiring experiences with its distinct flavours.

He is also passionate about sharing natural and simple alternatives with people that will help them fuel a healthier lifestyle; inspiring the same zeal and drive about tea that has led him to open avenues in an otherwise commonplace activity. An active member in several associations and societies in the tea industry, Rajeev is a sincere contributor towards its growth and evolution. He hopes to mentor students in the art of brewing the perfect cup of tea at his own institute in the near future.

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