Why Chai Chun is one of the Top Tea Brands in India


With so many tea brands online, it becomes really confusing sometimes to choose where to get your teas from, isn’t it? We are here to help. One needs to be very vigilant these days while making any online purchases. When it comes to tea, there are several options to choose from but do they keep the promises that they make? Not all of them. 

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We want to minimize your confusion and help you choose your perfect cup of tea online and share the story of why Chai Chun might be the brand to go for while choosing teas online. Chai Chun was started in 2015 with the sole aim of delivering garden-fresh teas from the best tea estates of India to the connoisseur’s cup. Chai Chun’s procurement team is always on the run to get its hands on only the best produce of the most adored tea estates of India. Along with a bright and vibrant online store, Chai Chun also has 18+ physical stores across the most premium locations in the nation. Evergreen Tea Group, the parent company of Chai Chun is an old and experienced player in the tea industry with years of expertise and reputed clientele. 


With such expertise in the industry and stores at several locations in the country, Chai Chun is the most trustful and one of the top tea brands in India. More than anything, Chai Chun takes pride in providing the nation’s tea lovers with 165+ masterfully created blends of tea under one roof.

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Chai Chun is home to the best Masala Chai blends with best-sellers such as the 4 Spice Masti which brings the punchy effect of Indian spices and premium CTC teas. Likewise, there are opulent Orthodox Darjeeling teas for people who like their cups brisk, floral and light. For health-conscious people, there are pristine green teas and floral blends that bring together the best of both worlds. 

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There is a cup of tea for everyone at Chai Chun and if you want to visit us at one of our stores then you will also get a chance to sip on several types of teas before you purchase. Chai Chun is proud to be the most trusted brand when it comes to tea. Take a stroll through our assortment which is curated with love and passion for tea. One of the top tea brands in India, Chai Chun also features top-in-class tea accessories that will complete and elevate your tea rituals. Visit Chai Chun and shop premium teas and tea wares without any hesitation because we have already delivered lakhs of garden-fresh cups. 

Visit Chai Chun to fulfill all your tea needs.

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