Four Exclusively curated assortment of Teas for Women


It has been ages since we have listened to the needs of our women folks. But times are changing and new ideas are coming up to mitigate several hindrances that women face in daily life. Staying active and productive throughout is challenging especially for a woman. Striking the right balance between professional, personal and social life is difficult and women often succumb to irritated minds, cramps and other post and pre-menstrual symptoms. 

For your well-being and to make sure that you stay on top of everything even on your period days, Chai Chun has assorted a few combos that you should have a look at. We know that battling irregularity that comes with the period is something that takes consistency and time. Teas for Her in no way are instant pain relievers, but trust us, natural ingredients if taken consistently over time can have a positive impact and you will surely feel the difference. Every woman’s menstrual symptoms are different. Some go with it with minimal interference in their life while some face it so hard that they have to take a day or two off. We have prepared a few combos which might be helpful if you just need a refreshing chai with the goodness of Indian spices or you need a potently calming cup steeped in natural goodness. Our assortment contains natural ingredients blended with the calming effect of premium high-grown teas. Try the 'Teas for Her' series and feel the difference for yourself. 

1. Immunity for Her

 Immunity for Her consists of immunity boosters like ginger, tulsi, ashwagandha, mulethi, black pepper, and green tea. It consists of Tulsi Adrak and Heavenly Kashmiri, both of which are potent immunity boosters with ingredients trusted by the people since time immemorial. Bringing together ancient herbs and high-grown green tea, these blends are perfect to strengthen immunity and better overall health. A regular cup is destined to bring the exuberance back.

2. Chai for Her Series

Chai for Her is a series curated for the woman to have a soothing time amidst all the cacophony that menstruation brings. The series brings together the warmth and healing effect of Indian Spices and the enticing malty attributes of premium CTC tea for a refreshing and relaxing experience. 


3. Ease the Menses

It is a pack of two blends from Chai Chun that might help you relax during the strenuous time of the month. It consists of a pack each of Chamomile Green Tea and Fresh Mint Wave. A few cups of these teas can immensely soothe the frayed nerves and calm the senses. A cup of warm Chamomile Green Tea induces sound sleep while Fresh Mint Wave refreshes like no other tea is capable of. Ease the Menses is a true companion for women to get through those days of the month with ease.

4. Femini – Tea Pack

Being a woman is difficult but there are teas which might make those days of the month a little more comfortable. Femini-Tea Pack is a carefully selected pack of three essential Chai Chun blends with the goodness of mint, basil, hibiscus, butterfly blue pea and green tea. It consists of one pack each of Minty Basil Fiesta, Hibiscus Retro, and Tales of Blue. With carefully sourced natural ingredients and high-grown green tea, these teas are meant to calm, soothe & relax.


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