Tea is considered as one of the healthiest beverage options and generally noticed; black tea is the most favored tea preference among other tea options. However, we have seen a shift and growing demand for green tea, which is popularly known as health tea. Over the years, tea has gained popularity and is widely enjoyed for numerous health benefits. The history of green tea reveals itself in the way one drinks or makes the tea; every person has their own of making it and presenting it. It helps shape our perception and overall experience of tea.

For centuries, people have used this concoction to add healthy values to their lives and now, many of us have gotten acquainted that green tea can work wonders for long and healthy life, after all, it's produced from the very famous Assam tea leaves. We have always been either told or have seen the relevance of green tea in our lives. It has been an important ingredient in our beauty and medicinal purposes. We have also come across many other benefits of green tea such as it helps in clearing blemishes, makes the skin healthy and clear, as well as reduces the heart risk. While these are a few benefits of green tea, one such important benefit is - it helps in losing weight.

 for weight loss, green tea is now considered the most beneficial consumption product. Recommended by ayurveda doctors to dietitians, it has become a go-to for people who want to lose weight. It’s not only for fitness fanatics but people who are unable to lose weight due to medical conditions have also started adopting in their daily routine. Problems like pcos, pcod, slow metabolism, digestion, etc. Are some of the medical conditions for which green tea is recommended to aid. At chai chun, we provide you with several green tea options online to choose from for various benefits.

 we are sharing a few facts about how green tea helps in the weight loss journey and how Chaichun green tea will help your body heal and aid in promoting weight loss adequately.

  1. Green tea increases the total fat burning process faster if you incorporate working out in your daily routine. You must have seen or experienced trainers and dieticians at the gym, training centers, etc. Recommending green tea; they do so because it makes the process of exercising better. 


 2. Green tea directly impacts the fat cells in our body. The fat present in the cells need to break down and sent to the bloodstream for the fat burning process to happen and green tea facilitates this. 



3. Several studies have shown that green tea can help in increasing the number of calories we burn in a day. Even in our daily routine, green tea helps in increasing the metabolism rate which in turn helps in breaking down calories when we are running errands like eating, sleeping, etc. 

4. Another Important Way In Which Green Tea Helps In Promoting Weight Loss Is That It Helps In Reducing Overall Appetite And Helps Us Consume Fewer Calories On A Day To Day Basis. Thus, Green Tea Actually Reduces Our Calorie Intake. 

Many Researchers Have Proved That Green Tea Can Indeed Help You Lose Weight. Green Tea, Apart From Health, Also Is A Beneficial Factor For Beauty. Thus, Green Tea Is One Of The Most Popular Among

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