4000 Years Ago, Tea Leaves Falling In The Cup Of Boiling Water Belonging To A Chinese Emperor Was Mere Coincidence. But What Happened After That Is Not! Presently, “Tea” Is Not A Beverage But An Emotion, And Thus, One Of The Most Consumed Drinks In The Entire World. People Across The Globe Consume It In Their Unique, Preferred Ways.

India, The World’s Largest Tea Producer, Is Also The Home To The World-Famous Darjeeling Tea. It Comes In Many Different Forms- Oolong, Black, Green, And White. Black Still Being The Most Sought After Flavour Today. Regarded As Champagne Among Teas, It Is Predominantly Consumed With Milk And Sugar In India. But Some People Prefer Drinking It Straight To Avail The Maximum Health Benefits It Has To Offer.

Chai Chun Tea Brings To You The Best Darjeeling Black Tea Out There Along With All The Health Benefits It Offers. It Would Take Us A Long Time If We Go Ahead With All The Advantages Of The Tea. So, Here Is A List Of Top 5 Benefits Of Drinking The Darjeeling Black Tea:

1. Builds Stronger Immunity: In These Dire Times Of COVID, Strong Immunity Is Our Best Defense Against The Virus. Rich With Antioxidants Like Thearubigins And Theaflavins, Chai Chun’s Black Tea Helps Reduce The Cellular Damage Causing Oxidative Stress. Lack Of Antioxidants Increases The Chance Of Acquiring Chronic Diseases Such As Cancer. Darjeeling Black Tea Helps Negate This.

2. Acts As A Stress Buster: Stress Has Become An Intangible Part Of Our Everyday Lives. It Causes Nothing But Harm To Both Body And Mind. Our Black Tea, With Adequate Caffeine, Not Only Helps In Relieving Stress But Also Aids In The Regulation Of Cortisol- The Stress Hormone.

3. One-Stop Solution To Weight Loss: The Tea Is Loaded With Polyphenols That Are Known For Their Anti-Obesity Properties. It Also Accounts For Very Low-Calorie Intake And Can Be Used As A Dietary Drink Rather Than Consuming Sweetened, High-Calorie Beverages.

4. Regulates Blood Pressure: Drinking Black Tea Helps In Lowering Down The High Blood Pressure And Thus Preventing Heart Problems. High BP Also Causes Damage To The Kidneys Or May Even Cause Heart Attack, Quercetin In The Tea Helps Prevent That.

5. Stronger Bones: Highly Beneficial To Aging Women, Drinking Black Tea Helps Increase Bone Density. It Makes The Bones Stronger, Furthermore Reduces The Rate Of Bone Density As Compared To Non-Drinkers.

Better Late Than Never, Start Drinking The Best Darjeeling Black Tea By Chai Chun Tea To Avail Many More Health Benefits And Lead A Healthier Life Ahead.

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