Loose Teas Are A Must This Winter


Having Tea Is Part Of Our Culture. Whether We Drink Tea Using Tea Bags, Loose Tea, Or Packaged Tea, Every Indian Needs That Perfect Tea To Kick Start The Day. There Have Been Several Debates On The Advantages And Varieties Of Loose Tea Over The Years. If You Love To Enjoy The Fresh Aroma Of Leaves When You Sip Your Tea And Other Tea Benefits, Then This Blog Is Just What You Need.

With The Winter Approaching, The Idea Of Cuddling In The Blanket With A Cup Of Hot Tea Is Enough To Motivate A Sleepy Soul. But Why Loose Tea?

Well, Loose Tea Is The Tea That Is Not Brewed In A Teabag. So You Get Fresh, Aromatic, And A Nutrient-Packed Cup Of Tea With Every Sip. If We Include The Benefits Of Loose Tea, Then You Would Want To Enjoy Having A Cup Or Two Of Tea Every Day Of The Week.

The Benefits Of Loose Tea Are Hidden In The Way It Is Brewed. You See, When You Steep The Aromatic Fresh Loose Tea In Water, It Expands To Absorb The Water In Itself. So, When You Drink The Tea It Has All The Flavours And Vitamins Of The Leaves That Got Absorbed In The Water. This Makes Your Tea Not Just Refreshing But Healthy Too.

Keep Reading To Buy The Best Loose Tea And Our Personal Favourite Of The Season.


You Will Love To Sip The Lord Of Darjeeling Green If You Enjoy Your Tea Sweet With A Floral Hint. Infused With Vegetal And Mint, It Is Just The Right Tea For Your Bright Mornings.


Enjoy The Flavours Of Topaz Mist In The Morning For A Fresh Day Ahead. It Is Infused With Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, And Topaz, That Gives You A Royal Feel.


As The Name Suggests, Wonder Marvel Is Everything Wonderful In A Cup. This Loose Tea Is Bright, Light And Infused With Sweet Tropical Flowers With A Touch Of Mint. Enjoy This Marvellous Tea With Crisp Or Crackers On The Side.


Seventh Sister Green Is A Flavorful Green Tea With A Beautiful Blend Of Tropical Fruits And Flowers. It Has An Authentic Grassy Aroma That Will Lure You To Try It. Try This Green Tea With Something Sweet For A Perfect Evening Snack.


We All Love Flavorful Tea, But Only A Few Know Its Benefits. Crafted Delicasy Has Deliciously Nutrients Packed Loose Tea That Has An Infusion Of Vegetables And Subtle Hints Of Fresh Cucumber. Drink It Religiously Every Morning And All Your Problems Will Vanish.


This Tea Is Perfect For The Ones Who Love Nature. It Has A Woody Aroma And Infused With Thick Vegetal Notes With Hints Of Citrus. Try The Aromatic Silver Lining With Chips Or Snack For A Perfect Evening.


We Assure You That Taru Oolong Loose Tea Will Make Your Day. Infused With The Freshness Of Basil And The Sweetness Of Wild Berries, This Tea When Brewed Will Remind You Of Rainy Days And Earthy Smell. It’s Perfect When Clubbed With A Sandwich Or Salad For A Healthy Mood. 


Beautifully Light And Bright, Lord Of Darjeeling Clonal Loose Tea Leaves You With A Sweet Palate, With A Mild Grapefruit Flavour. It Has A Raw Woody Aroma And Tastes Best With A Croissant.

Loose Tea Has The Advantage Of Being Aromatic, And Fresh. Unlike Tea Bags That Restrain The Flavours Of Leaves To Expand To Their Full Potential, You Can Enjoy Loose Tea’s Aroma And Beauty Even While Brewing Your Cup. Though People Refrain From Buying Loose Tea And Go For Tea Bags As They Are A Lot Cheaper. You Can Buy Premium, Quality Loose Tea Bags At Chaichun And Brew Perfect Tea Every Time.

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