• Which is the most famous tea in India? Everything you need to know about Indian Teas.

    The tea industry in India started out of the enormous fascination that the British had with tea. Tea is the national favourite and accounts for almost half the liquid consumed by people in Britain. It was introduced in Britain by some businessmen in the mid-1500s and ever since tea is an integral part of British culture.  Fast forwarding to today, Indians are known to...
  • Four Exclusively curated assortment of Teas for Women

    It has been ages since we have listened to the needs of our women folks. But times are changing and new ideas are coming up to mitigate several hindrances that women face in daily life. Staying active and productive throughout is challenging especially for a woman. Striking the right balance between professional, personal and social life is difficult and women often succumb to irritated...
  • Why Chai Chun is one of the Top Tea Brands in India

    With so many tea brands online, it becomes really confusing sometimes to choose where to get your teas from, isn’t it? We are here to help. One needs to be very vigilant these days while making any online purchases. When it comes to tea, there are several options to choose from but do they keep the promises that they make? Not all of them. ...
  • Chai Chun – One of the most Famous Tea Shops in India

    Chai Chun – One of the most Famous Tea Shops in India
    Starting in 2015, Chai Chun is the only and #1 tea boutique in India. With 18+ stores across prime locations in India, it is a one-of-a-kind store dedicated entirely to tea. With more than 165 blends and a full-fledged e-com website, Chai Chun is one of the most famous tea shops in India. Every ingredient at Chai Chun is carefully procured from trusted sources...
  • 5 reasons to choose Chai Chun for all of your tea needs

    With teas and every other ingredient sourced authentically from the best producers, Chai Chun certainly is the best place where all your tea needs will be taken care of. Chai Chun provides 165+ blends via its 18 stores spread across India and an online platform. Certainly the best online store in India, Chai Chun also features opulent teawares that elevate the tea experience. Here...
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