Chai Veda - our tea school

During this course, one goes through a unique tea experience. Anyone interested in learning about tea, right from its origin gets an education accomplishing practical tea tasting and tea making sessions by the reputed Tea Masters.

Program Module
The tour duration is of 3 days and 2 nights.
The tour encompasses visits to 2 tea gardens, accommodation at the luxurious Mayfair resorts and a glimpse of the local culture.
Expenditure per person: 40000 INR/ 486 Euro/ 550 USD
Expenditure is inclusive of food, accommodation and transportation.
  • Day1 Arrival in Siliguri
    for Tea Training
  • Day2 Tea Tasting at Chaichun
    HO & Factory Visit
  • Day3 Visit to Darjeeling Garden
    Night Stay at Darjeeling
  • Day4 Visit to Darjeeling Store
    and back
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Extensive Program

ChaiVeda Tea Course Evergreen Factory Visit

Chai Chun has been the first to introduce extensive modules of tea education. The aim is to circulate and help people to know its nitty gritties that enables them to understand their beloved beverage and value its subtleties.

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