Some say the name Dejoo evolved from the Tibetan word “Dzong”, while others say it came from “DI” meaning river and “ZOO” the name given to rice liquor brewed by the local tribes. The most significant aspect of Dejoo is that over the years utmost care has been taken to maintain the ecological balance and this has been done by preserving the water bodies and Natural Forest inside and around the garden due to which the garden is a paradise of wild life.The unique quality has been recognized over the years by institutions like the Tea Board of India and other excellence awards.

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    About the Tea Garden
    This picturesque garden located on the North Bank of the mighty river Brahmaputra at 1000 feet above mean sea level and bordered by the hills of Arunachal Pradesh to the North, while the river Ranga forms the eastern boundary . The tropical climate with an average of 130 inches of rain per annum is ideal for the high quality clones like N436, P126 and S3A3 which give Dejoo teas that unique quality has been recognized over the years by institutions like the Tea Board of India and other excellence awards.


    Features a honeyed, balsamic sweetness along with notes dry apricot and blackcurrant.
    The liquor feels incredibly smooth and sweet right from the start. It is marked by notes of melon seed, honey, stewed fruit and wood; well-rounded and well-balanced throughout. A note of fresh melon comes through in the aftertaste and stays a while on the palate.
    Baked food such as shortbread, oatmeal cookies and muffins


    Dry Leaf
    Distinct notes of eucalyptus, leather, and tart fruit.
    Short, even, well-rolled black leaves with brown hues, few with golden tips.
    Cooked beans, hints of yellow fruit and herbs.


    Steeping Instructions
    180 ml
    80-90 °C
    1.25 tsp / 2 g
    3 mins


    Storage Instructions

    Protect your investment (and your palate) by storing your fine, loose leaf tea in a proper tea container. Tea needs to be kept away from heat, light, air, and moisture.  The best way to store tea is at room temperature in an airtight tea canister. Unlike coffee, you cannot wrap up tea and put it in the freezer. Tea will lose its flavor and scent quickly if stored in fancy, purely decorative tea containers or kept near a heat source, such as a stove or next to the toaster in your kitchen.

    Our airtight double walled stainless steel tea tins are the perfect tea storage container to keep your teas fresh for up to a year.


    Recommended Steeps:
    Summer Flush
    Best Consumed:
    Suggested Condiments:
    Drink Plain, honey, Lemon,sugar
    Best time of the day:


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    Aman Tea Distributors Pvt. Ltd, Bhutki More, Jalpaiguri-735135 West Bengal, India.
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    Aman Tea Distributors Pvt. Ltd, Mia Garage Building, 2nd Floor, Hill Cart Road, Siliguri(Darjeeling)-734001 West Bengal, India.


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